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HP launches metrics-based security service

HP launches metrics-based security service 

That’s why HP announced this week a new security service that uses a methodology framework to help businesses be more timely and selective with their threat detection and remediation processes.

“How do we join the dots between an organization’s business objectives and their security function? This has been a topic of discussion in the security world for quite some time,” said Richard Archdeacon, CTO, HP Enterprise Security Services. “Businesses need to proactively build their defenses instead of just react all the time.”

HP Security Metrics Services (SMS) enables organizations to tie their business objectives and processes to security threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents, according to a framework that is “underpinned by a predefined library of security data sources.”

Stakeholders will be alerted when a change occurs in any particular risk component category, and can then perform a more in-depth investigation into why the change occurred.

This is accomplished with help from the HP Executive Scorecard, an application that gathers data from multiple sources and adapts it to the business’s security environment. Security incident alerts are displayed on a central dashboard, and businesses can then decide where to allocate resources for maximum effect.

“Once you have the knowledge, you can start to say, how will an incident impact the business the most? Which assets can be related back to the business processes?” said Archdeacon.

HP SMS is currently available worldwide.

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