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HP launches a marketplace for big data analytics

HP launches a marketplace for big data analytics 

“This was spawned on the idea of this growing community that we have,” said Jeff Healey, director, Product Marketing, HP Vertica. “What we found, in speaking to the community and our customer base, is that there’s an interest in getting more use of the technologies to build out analytics solutions.”

Members of the Vertica Marketplace will be able to share their innovations with other developers, HP Vertica users, and technology partners to get feedback on the work they are doing.

They will also have the opportunity to market their work and help drive innovation among other developers.

“Your imagination could run wild as far as the analytics use cases that are out there,” said Healey. “We want to support all of those.”

In addition to the benefits of Vertica Marketplace, members will receive access to several new innovations in the Vertica incubation program: Distributed R, Pulse, and Place.

With Distributed R, users will be able to tackle the limitations posed by the R programming language by running algorithms on large volumes of data.

“One of the challenges that data scientists are having is that, when they build models…they typically do this in a laptop environment, and their models aren’t quite as robust, and they’re not able to really validate them quite as well, because the R platform is really a single-machine solution,” said Luis Maldonado, director, Product Management, HP Vertica. “This new innovation around Distributed R provides an in-memory, clustered environment that allows you to really test out and validate these models.”

Pulse will tie the world of corporate data to social media and provide users with sentiment analysis. It trawls the Internet for tweets and other small sources of data, such as TripAdvisor reviews, and combines this with other sources of data to produce actionable insights into a business’s products and services.

Place uses geospatial capabilities to collect data about locations.

“[Users] can assign and create models that allow them to understand the geography, what assets are within the geography, and then combine them with very interesting statistical analysis to really better understand their business,” said Maldonado.

With it, businesses will be able to use geofencing to determine where their customers are and offer them deals that are more tailored to their location and preferences.

Membership is open to the public. Users can sign up at the Vertica Marketplace website.

“We see the Marketplace in general as a way for us to treat Vertica as an analytics platform and allow our customers, our community, our partners to be able to extend the capabilities, offer add-on products and services, and have a great place where everyone can come together and share knowledge and share these artifacts,” said Maldonado.

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