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HP kicks off mobility-targeted partner program

HP kicks off mobility-targeted partner program 

That is why HP announced last week the launch of a new partner program that will help its partners and customers take advantage of its HP Anywhere and HP Access Catalog offerings.

“We decided to launch this because a number of our customers are going on a mobility journey,” said Genefa Murphy, director, product management and user experience, HP Software. “Because of that, our customers need help in two main areas: understanding what their mobile strategy should be, and building mobile applications.”

The program is designed to accelerate the transition for partners that have already begun to build a mobility strategy.

Through the program, HP’s partners and customers will have better access to the company’s mobile software solutions and services. They will also be able to take advantage of competency development tools, such as technical training, webinars, and advisory boards.

HP will be providing face-to-face training for partners that enroll in the program, along with additional marketing assistance, and partners will have access to the HP Anywhere Developer Zone.

“The program helps customers because they can get started on building their first app, and it helps partners because it gives them an in to the customer,” said Murphy. “It gives them the opportunity to build that relationship.”

The program is intended primarily for partners that are already part of HP’s PartnerOne program, although HP is looking to recruit new companies to the program over the coming year.

Nevertheless, Murphy encourages newcomers to the HP Anywhere Partner Program to also sign up for PartnerOne.

HP is currently working with Avnet Technology Solutions to help them create mobile service packages to better serve their customers, many of whom are looking for solutions for BYOD and mobile application management.

“Our partners see this as an opportunity to build an additional sales channel and bring in new revenues,” said Murphy. “We’ve also received feedback that they like the one-on-one interaction with people in the product development and R&D industries.”

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