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HP introduces affordable virtualization for SMBs

HP introduces affordable virtualization for SMBs 

“Many of the small and medium businesses out there today are turning to server virtualization,” said Vish Mulchand, worldwide director, Product Management and Marketing, HP Storage. “But…the workloads in virtual servers can be unpredictable and also very dependent on the underlying storage. This creates a challenge for the SMBs, because they don’t have a lot of expertise to troubleshoot these complex storage problems, and it creates a challenge for them to get a return on investment if they can’t get it to work for what they purchased it for.”

Businesses have therefore been turning to SSDs and intelligent tiering software to eliminate these roadblocks in an affordable manner. The StoreVirtual 4335 gives SMBs a dedicated hardware appliance that can run all their virtualization needs.

Since it supports solid-state technology, the StoreVirtual 4335 enables higher performance for server virtualization. It also improves the affordability of solid-state technology because it allows users to move data between SSDs and traditional disk drives.

Each piece of hardware comes with seven 900 GB SAS drives and three 400 GB SSDs, as well as the LeftHand OS 11.0.

It also features Adaptive Optimization, which determines which data is hot and which data is cold, then automatically moves it to the appropriate storage device. With this capability, users will be better to keep up with which data is hot and which is cold on a day-to-day basis.

HP also offers Adaptive Optimization with StoreVirtual VSA software that can run on industry standard servers. Adaptive Optimization for StoreVirtual VSA is available with a 10 TB license or with a 50 TB license. HP also offers a 1 TB license for free with every ProLiant server that HP ships to so that clients get more familiar with the product right off the bat.

The product is currently available through HP and its channel partners.

“There are multiple areas for channel partners to add value,” said Mulchand. “One, for example, would be around the consulting services on how to deploy these things.”

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