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HP improves colour error with new DreamColor displays

HP improves colour error with new DreamColor displays 

The HP Z27x and Z24x displays, for both PC and Mac, are equipped with HP’s second-generation DreamColor Engine and can provide up to 1.07 billion on-screen colours. As compared to the previous generation of these products, the Z27x and the Z24x can display up to 60 per cent more pixels and contain up to 4,000 per cent more variety in the colour palette.

They are up to 57 per cent thinner than previous versions of the product.

“The HP DreamColor Engine and our line of DreamColor products have become the gold standards for professionals who demand colour accuracy,” said Jun Kim, VP and GM, PC displays and accessories, HP. “This next generation of HP DreamColor Displays will once again disrupt colour technology, providing customers with richer and more accurate colours than ever before.”

The displays provide 10-bit colour accuracy throughout the entire production process, along with one-button access to presets such as sRGB D56, sRGB D50, Adobe RGB, BT.709, BT.2020, and DCI-P3.

Users will also have the ability to create custom colour spaces with full control over primaries, white point, and tone response, and will be able to connect workflows through support by Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems.

In addition to these capabilities, the Z27x offers an ultra-wide Digital Camera colour gamut and the HP Night Vision interface with auto-fade button backlights and selectable red button backlight colour for improved viewing of workflows in low-light conditions.

The HP DreamColor Z27x is now available for $1,499, while the HP DreamColor Z24x is available for $599.

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