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HP Discover: Meg Whitman’s new style of IT

HP Discover: Meg Whitman’s new style of IT 

Whitman said the new style of IT is defined by today’s constantly changing trends in technology, and the way business is being shaped by it. It’s a two-sided coin, as much about the new pressures businesses are facing as it is the opportunities that are becoming available to them.

It’s about tackling tomorrow’s challenges – like the need for more sustainable data storage infrastructure – and solving these problems to create business advantages.

“HP understands that companies are facing a storm and that IT executives now have to build new skillsets that weren’t part of the job description even two years ago. Driving this huge shift is the rise of cloud, mobility, big data, and security,” said Whitman. “This new style of IT spans devices, infrastructure, software. It is now a critical strategic factor in determining whether any organization will win or lose in the market.”

The company’s strategy, she said, is to provide solutions for this new style of IT. She touched on several examples of this – such as ConvergedSystem, Converged Storage, Moonshot, and HP’s big data software platforms – and alluded to the company’s foray into the world of 3D printing.

“HP has been the leader in bridging the physical and virtual world for more than 20 years, and we’re going to bring that to 3D,” she said.

She brought out some of HP’s clients, such as John Hinshaw, EVP, Technology and Operations, HP, and John Herbert, EVP and CIO, 20th Century Fox, to attest to how HP’s products and services have helped their operations run like a well-oiled machine.

She also sat down with Conservation International’s Sandy Andelman and Jorge Ahumada for a Q&A on how HP’s big data technology has been helping scientists save the tropical forests.

“Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard believed the company should create great products, but also make the world a better place,” she concluded. “We aim to be the most partner- and customer-centric business in the world.”

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