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HP debuts new Gen8 server

HP debuts new Gen8 server 

With a 30 per cent increase in transaction processing, the DL580 is meant to meet the demand for scalable infrastructure that will help businesses cut costs and produce a better ROI.

“Customers need these solutions to be scalable and high-performing. There is a lot of demand on those systems because of volume and velocity of data,” said Kate O’Neill, director, Global Marketing, HP Servers Group. “Customers are looking at ways to efficiently manage those types of workloads. Because these workloads are so critical to a business, it’s important that these systems are highly reliable and always available and can keep the business up and running with minimal risk of downtime.”

The DL580 runs on the Intel Xeon E7-8800/4800 v2 processor. In addition to the 30 per cent increase in transaction processing, it also provides a 45 per cent decrease in cost of ownership and – thanks to the HP Memory Quarantine and HP Advanced Error Recovery features – up to 30 per cent greater memory and processor reliability.

Additionally, the servers come equipped with HP’s Serviceguard for Linux, a capability that protects businesses from downtime, whether planned or unplanned, and provides a failover time of less than four seconds.

Customers purchasing a Gen8 server will also be able to take advantage of HP Proactive Care, a service that provides customers with consultation and recommendations to help them build an effective IT environment.

The DL580 is proof of further advancements in HP’s Project Odyssey, an initiative that was announced in 2012 to meet the challenges of rapid business application performance.

“Project Odyssey is HP’s mission-critical roadmap,” said O’Neill. “It’s about making mission-critical x86 a reality. We’re looking at customers that are trying to standardize on x86, and trying to help them make it a reality.”

The DL580 is currently available in Canada at a starting price of $14,362. Enhancements to the DL560 and BL660c are currently planned for next month.

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