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HP Autonomy unveils Aurasma 2.5

HP Autonomy unveils Aurasma 2.5 

Aurasma is an app that adds videos, links or 3D animations to an image, object or location.  Using image recognition technology, the application scans or ‘searches’ an image and pulls up accompanying audio, video or 3D images. The app uses HP Autonomy’s big data analytics technology to automatically match images or locations with the relevant digital information.

With version 2.5, HP Autonomy moved the augmented reality (AR) image matching to the cloud, which means the resource-intensive processing takes places on the server side instead of the user’s device. Something the company says has improved performance and made it possible to potentially host unlimited AR content in the cloud.

The hook for businesses is that it can be a useful platform for engaging and retaining more customers, or improving customer interactions. Aurasma 2.5 has digital content for a number of well-known companies. Users can look at a company’s logo through the Aurasma app, and see the picture or logo come to life as a video. 

“As more and more companies use augmented reality to improve their customer interactions, Aurasma needed to scale to meet our customer demands,” said Annie Weinberger, general manager, HP Aurasma. “Aurasma 2.5 provides potentially unlimited scalability and to showcase this, we’ve added thousands of automatically created AR experiences.”

The Aurasma platform was launched in 2011, after HP Autonomy’s image recognition technology was introduced to mobile devices. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

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