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HP Autonomy releases Qfiniti 10

HP Autonomy releases Qfiniti 10 

Qfinity 10 aims to increase productivity and lower costs in the contact centre. It has a number of new features, including integrating HP’s IDOL technology for data analytics. In addition to the analytics, the solution has two new components designed to help companies increase productivity and revenue in the contact centre.

“Many companies now are seeing much of their business value pass through the contact centre—whether in the form of direct revenue and sales or the critical matters of reputation management and customer retention,” said Jose Fernandez, CEO, Xentrax. “As a premier partner supporting long-time users of the Qfiniti platform, we very much believe in HP Autonomy’s vision for the contact centre.”

HP Qfiniti 10 uses HP IDOL to understand the voice of the customer. IDOL can extract meaning from all forms of human information, including audio, text and video. This means that HP Qfiniti 10 can automatically identify patterns in customer communications and classify calls. It also analyzes social media traffic on both historical data and in real time.

The two new modules included in HP Qfiniti 10 were designed to automate and simplify contact centre processes. The HP Qfiniti WorkForce provides intelligent agent scheduling and forecasting, with tools for multi-skilled forecasting and scheduling optimization. HP Qfiniti Optimize offers desktop analytics and agent guidance. With Optimize, contact center managers can monitor agent productivity, as well as track and automate workflows.

HP Qfiniti includes tools for workforce management, quality monitoring, liability recording, coaching and eLearning, performance management, surveying, desktop analytics, and multichannel analytics. The updated solution can also feed contact centre data directly into the newly released HP Digital Marketing Hub, to help marketers get the most out of their customer data and deliver greater business outcomes.

“HP Qfiniti 10 closes the loop for the customer contact centre, providing a full set of functions to match all requirements,” said Rafiq Mohammadi, general manager, Marketing Optimization, HP Autonomy. “Because HP Qfiniti is a modular platform, customers can cut their total cost of ownership by getting a solution that best fits their needs.”


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