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HP announces virtual private cloud service

HP announces virtual private cloud service 

“HP already offers a feature-rich industry-leading managed virtual private cloud offering for enterprise customers,” said Jim Fanella, VP, Workload and Cloud, HP Enterprise Services, in a press release. “The new HP Helion Managed VPC Lean now delivers a lower-priced alternative designed to enable clients to further optimize cloud workloads in the enterprise —while still providing superior, enterprise-class service and performance.”

VPC supports lighter workloads for mid and large-scale businesses like application development and collaboration solutions, which allows ability to add new features and cut onboarding times.

Support options
Organizations can securely regionalize their cloud for data sovereignty, be more compliant and provide a variety of continuity options, all with a lower upfront investment.

VPC also provides HP account support, cloud application certification, HP management services, SAP HANA, DaaS and additional backup options.

This is all securely available in HP’s cloud computing environment offered for business applications.

Pricing and availability
VPC is now available worldwide and pricing starting at $168 per month for a small virtual server configuration. For customers seeking application certification to run on a cloud, a trial service is available.

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