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HP announces new tools and products for SMBs and partners

HP announces new tools and products for SMBs and partners 

“Typical SMB customers are squeezed between enterprise-style requirements that are pushing down on them, while at the same time they’re limited by the sheer budget they have to apply to IT,” said Brad Parks, go to market strategist, HP Storage. “They don’t have dedicated enterprise storage and they have a long refresh cycle, so they have to make sure any investments they make will last them a long time.”

Of the three products HP is introducing, the first is the MSA 1040, a storage appliance that delivers 50 per cent higher performance at 25 per cent lower cost than previous incarnations of the product. The MSA 1040 has a low entry price, so it is affordable for SMBs, and businesses can choose to upgrade to the MSA 2040 at a later date, should they decide they need to.

“Performance is important, but not at the cost of affordability,” said Parks. “This is a product family that will grow with businesses as their needs evolve.”

HP also announced the next-generation of its StoreEasy Storage family, as well as enhancements to the HP StoreOnce Backup systems, which are all available under the HP Simply StoreIT program. The solutions will provide SMBs with scalable and cost-effective ways to store their data, and partners will have access to the tools they need to provide better service to customers.

Additionally, the company said that the Hp StoreOnce 4500 Backup system will now offer triple the scalability at the same entry cost, enabling businesses to make a lower investment in the product without sacrificing the possibility of scaling up to a maximum of 124 TB worth of storage.

Enhancements to PartnerOne program
HP is also announcing some updates to its partner programs to better help its partners adopt HP’s “New Style of IT.”

“There are three main messages to our announcements,” said Patrick Eitenbichler, director, PartnerOne Strategy, HP. “That we help partners disrupt markets to create new opportunities, capitalize on existing opportunities, and accelerate their business.”

The company’s enhancements to the PartnerOne program include an expansion of the framework beyond resellers, to embrace a number of other partner types, such as distributors and OEM integrators. HP hopes that by extending the program, it will be able to build a common foundation among all those partner types.

In addition to the enhancements to the base program, HP is launching PartnerOne for Cloud, as well as a PartnerOne Cloud Reseller Specialization to help partners resell cloud services from HP or other service providers.

In addition to the enhanced partner program, HP is offering resellers new training, sales tools, and HP Flex-Bundles, including a new learning management tool to automate training assignments and access to an HP engineer for round-the-clock tech support.

There will also be additional support offered by HP Financial Services in the form of a streamlined, comprehensive partner portal to help partners close deals faster.

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