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How to tell if your Galaxy Note 7 has a safe battery

How to tell if your Galaxy Note 7 has a safe battery 

The South Korean technology company, today, released a notice on how customers can determine if a Galaxy Note 7 phone is safe to use.

Samsung has introduced a green battery icon that will identify three specific software changes. The battery icon of a Galaxy Note 7 phone that has undergone the needed software change will be changed to this new green icon.

Samsung  Galaxy 7 1

This icon will be visible on: 1) the Status Bar; 2) the Always On Display screen; and 3) the Power Off prompt screen, which can be accessed by long-pressing the power key.


Burned: Galaxy Note 7 recalled due to exploding battery

Samsung tells Galaxy Note 7 owners to ‘immediately’ turn off phone

Samsung Galaxy 7 2

Users can easily check if they are using the new Galaxy Note7 by looking for a square symbol on the label of the packaging box as below.

Earlier, Samsung has faced criticism for failing to coordinate its recall efforts with safety regulators and for not being able to give customers clear information about the battery issues.

Meanwhile there are reports that the Galaxy Note 7 problems has surfaced in China – a country where Samsung had previously said the units of the phone were safe.

Two people posted accounts on Chinese social media saying their Galaxy Note 7 handsets exploded over the weekend.

So far, there have been 92 reports of Galaxy Note 7 battery fire in the United States.

Amperex Technology Ltd., which supplies lithium polymer batteries for Galaxy Note 7’s sold in China, said the fires associated with the devices in China, appeared to be different from cases in other countries.  

Amperex said it conducted a preliminary study and found the battery fires and the company’s “battery production is not directly related.”

“According to the combustion of the sample traces , we hypothesized that the heat source from outside the body cells , there may be a lot of other external factors cause fever problems,” the company said.


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