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How to: Migrate your classic Cloud Services to ARM

How to: Migrate your classic Cloud Services to ARM 

Great question.  So far we did not have a great answer.  Now, we have.  Take a look at this video that covers the new migration feature to help you move your IaaS resources from Classic to Azure Resource Manager without ANY downtime.


There are three migration scopes that primarily targeted:

  • compute
  • network
  • storage

And it supports 3 scenarios:

  1. Migration of virtual machines (not in a virtual network)
  2. Migration of virtual machines (in a virtual network)
  3. Storage accounts migration

And the whole process is in 3 major steps. Prepare , Check and Commit/Abort.

For the rest of the steps to migrate a Cloud Service that has one VM running in a Vnet, go to CANITPRO.

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