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How to: Fixing SCOM to OMS connection issues

How to: Fixing SCOM to OMS connection issues 

With the newly released System Center Operations Manager Technical Preview 3 now available, I decided to have a go at enabling the integration between Operations Manager (SCOM) and the new Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) which was formerly known as Operational Insight or Ops Insight for short.

It was during this testing that I encountered a connectivity issue between SCOM and OMS which notably my fellow MVPs have encountered the same issue.

With time available to investigate further, I am happy to share my findings.

SCOM OMS Connection Issue

In SCOM Technical Preview 3, navigate to Administration > Operations Management Suite, click ‘Register to Operational Insights Service’.


When Operational Insights On-boarding Wizard launches, the following error is displayed:


Investigating Internet Explorer Settings

When checking your Internet Explorer settings, you may notice that your Cookie settings are OK.

NOTE: On Windows Server 2016 (Technical Preview which I was using), the Edge browser is default. You might have to change the default browser back to Internet Explorer.


I determined, through repeated testing, that the setting security setting needed to be modified. To do this, I opened Internet Options, clicked on the Security tab, selected Internet and then clicked Custom Level.


I also enabled Active Scripting in the Scripting section of Security Settings.


Once I completed making that change, I attempted to register SCOM with OMS and was greeted with the sign-in screen.


At this point, you should be able to continue with the Operational Insights On-boarding Wizard.

Here are some additional considerations should the sign-on screen not appear and an error still persist.

Investigating IE Trusted Sites

NOTE: Credit for bringing this scenario to light goes to fellow MVPs Kevin Greene and Tao Yang.

In Internet Explorer, open Internet Options, click on the Security tab, select Internet and then click Trusted Sites.


Add the following URLs to the trusted sites list:


Once completed close the Operational Insights On-boarding Wizard should it be open and re-launch it.

The Login Screen within the Operational Insights On-boarding Wizard should now be visible.


By MVP Adin Ermie

Adin specializes in Microsoft System Center toolset, for infrastructure, datacenter and cloud management. He is passionate about technology, and has an insatiable drive for learning.

For more guides, visit Canada IT Pro.

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