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How to: Enable browser extensions in Microsoft Edge

How to: Enable browser extensions in Microsoft Edge 

Introduced in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is the new internet browser enabling it’s users to surf the web.  The browser features the ability to enable note taking on web pages and Cortana utilization. Microsoft Edge has even shown to be better at sipping battery consumption as tested by the Microsoft Edge Team.   What the browser has been lacking since launch however, is the ability to add extensions.  These extensions further the web surfing experience by enhancing attributes of the websites the extensions interact with.

The following video will provide details as to how to enable extensions in the Edge browser:


Steps to enable extensions within the Edge browser are as follows:

  1. Sign up for the Windows Insider program
  2. Once enrolled, make sure said copy of Windows is build 14291 or higher
  3. Select the desired extension and select Open in Store
  4. Once In the Store, select Free to install the extension
  5. Open Microsoft Edge, review the extension permissions notification and select Turn on

Full testing of Edge extensions that are available are enabled while currently in preview.  More extensions will be made available shortly.

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