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How to check if your Dropbox credentials are exposed

How to check if your Dropbox credentials are exposed 


According to an article from International Business Times, there is a simple and easy way to know if your email address is a part of the leaked data online.

Troy Hunt, a cybersecurity researcher and lecturer has created a free search tool online that lets users search leaked databases of emails to see if their account was ever compromised.

Hunt’s website searches through data collected from 129 ‘pwned’ websites and includes hacked databases from popular leaks like Adobe, Ashley Madison, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Tumblr and a few others.

To see whether your email was leaked, simply type it in the search bar on the website If your search returns the “Oh no — pwned!” then it is recommended that you change your password without any delay as your account is potentially at risk.


Go ahead and give it a try.

Source: International Business Times


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