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How to: Capture a Linux VM image from a running VM

How to: Capture a Linux VM image from a running VM 

In this post, we’ll look at how to capture that image to be used.

Step 1: Prep the VM

In order to capture an image. We first need to prep it. In the Windows world we would SYSPREP it. In this case we will use the Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI) to capture and generalize the Linux VM.

I created a VM in Azure, attached a new data disk to it and in this case installed and Apache Web server on it so as to simulate a workload we want to use in our template. Once I’m done configuring the machine the way I want it, then I’m ready to capture the it.

1- Connect to it using your SSH client. I use Putty.
2- In the SSH window, type the following command.

sudo waagent –deprovision+user

To see the rest of the steps, please go over to CANITPRO.



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