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How To: Building a website using Microsoft Azure

How To: Building a website using Microsoft Azure 

In today’s market, the biggest hurdle affecting IT professionals in their adoption of DevOps is surrendering their control demands. While management remains a prime focus for IT professionals, they must now shift their focus to establishing secure enablement processes, but not at the expense of user productivity.

While this may seem like a major challenge, the best practice is to start small. Here are some simplified instructions to follow for building a website using Microsoft Azure.

  1. Open your browser and access the Azure Management Portal.
  2. Navigate to New > Compute > Web App, which can be found on the lower left-hand side. Azure Websites 001 216D58C5
  3. Input the name for the new website, and then select the Region that is closest to your physical location. Azure Websites 002 78654A79
  4. Once you have finished creating your website, notify your DevOps team, and provide them with the URL.

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