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How to: Assign a Reserved IP Address to an Azure VM

How to: Assign a Reserved IP Address to an Azure VM 

1) Application requirements – sometime applications need to connect with fixed IP address. For example, if it’s a database VM it’s important to have static IP address so application settings always can refer to that.

2) Security – when VM uses static IP addresses we can create firewall rules easily. So there is more control over traffic flow as well.

In Azure, static IP address (public) is count as a service so there will be addition charge for it and can be deployed by two methods in Azure to manage a VM.

  • Classic Mode
  • Resources Manager

However, assigning a static IP address (public) is different for these two methods. In this blog post, I am going to demonstrate how to do this using both modes.

Assign Static IP Address in classic deployment model

Before we start we need to make sure following prerequisites are in place.

  • Global Administrator account for the Azure Subscription
  • Azure PowerShell Module installed in local computer – you can download it from

In my demo I got a classic virtual machine running and it’s got dynamic public IP address assigned. In demo I am going to show how we can make it as reserved IP address.

1) Log in to PC where Azure PowerShell Module installed and open the powershell as administrator

2) Then type Add-AzureAccount and press enter

3) Then it will prompt for the azure credential and login as global administrator

To see the rest of the guide along with screenshots, go to CANITPRO.


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