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How CSA cut 35 per cent in printing cost with Brightdox

How CSA cut 35 per cent in printing cost with Brightdox 

For CSA, which publishes standards in print and electronic form for various industries, the opportunity to realize some savings in their printing costs came by way of experimenting with automating the procurement process associated with business cards.

Brightdox, a Toronto-based tech startup which specializes in providing print procurement and digital asset management solutions, helped CSA move away from a largely manual process and ultimately  save as much as 35 per cent on their printing cost.

“For years, we relied on a supplier to print the business cards for our personnel,” said Marsha Kennedy, buyer for the CSA. “I don’t have the exact figures, but if you take into account that we have over 700 people and offices in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary – the printing and shipping cost each year can be considerable.”

She said the process of ordering business cards was labour intensive and time-consuming.

Employees that need business cards had to fill up am an internal form which will show their name, title and other pertinent information. The form was faxed to a printer who will then fax back an initial copy of the card which needed to be checked for errors by Kennedy. After that, the printer is sent another message containing any corrections or the approval to print.

“Things tend to get busy so sometimes people don’t get back to you right away,” said Kennedy. “We get about 10 orders a week for business cards and it takes several days for the new cards to arrive. But the back and forth takes a lot of time.”

Kennedy decided to look around for another provider and in 2015 CSA gave Brightdox a try.

Brightdox is a cloud-based, digital procurement system, according to Geordie Allen, CEO of the Toronto-based company.

 BrightdoxTeam Photo

Brightdox team: Paolo Maralit (CTO), Roger Whyte (Director of Print Services), Geordie Allen (CEO)

Brightdox has an affiliation of printers who are able to execute the orders rapidly but also at a substantial saving for the customer, according to Allen.

“Our main selling points are total control of their printing requirements for the customer and excellent savings in time and costs,” he said.

In a typical customer-printer relationship, he explained, printers often store proofs in hardcopy or electronic files that are not readily accessible to the customer is alterations such as branding and title changes need to be made.

“This often results in the needless back-and-forth between client and printer which takes up a lot of time,” Allen said.

Brightdox provides customers a dashboard where they can edit documents they intend to have printed, make print orders, arrange for delivery and track the progress of their orders. The system works for business cards, invoices, letterheads, and other printed material. The system streamlines the process of ordering, editing and tracking print orders.

But how can Brightdox offer its customers savings?

The service does this by first providing its affiliate of licensed printers some savings.

“We have a system that sets up the art file from the customers in the file format that the printer prefers and we make sure all their requirements are met,” Allen said. “This work saves the printer 20 to 30 per cent in hard cost.”

This drastically lowers the cost of the print job and enables Brightdox to charge its customers a fee that is substantially lower than what other printers would charge.

Of course, customers also get savings on “soft costs” such as the human hours freed up by using an automated process.

“I love Brightdox, the process eliminates errors, they deliver direct to me and it leaves me with a bit more time to tackle other tasks,” said Kennedy.

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