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Household life gets smarter

Household life gets smarter 

TP-LINK introduced several new product as CES 2015 that seek to enhance daily residential life in an attempt to create “smarter” homes that are reliant on cloud-based technology.

Houses are currently being built to be more environmentally friendly while cutting back on energy consumption. TP-LINK’s new HS100, HS110 and HS200 devices use the company’s cloud-based server tie into that by helping homeowners manage their energy consumption remotely.

“The demand for simple, effective and always accessible home automation control is increasing due to the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s consumer and a rise in the use of interconnected devices,” said Lewis Wu, executive vice president of TP-LINK U.S. “We are excited about the Internet of Things, and our release of the HS100, HS110 and HS200 in the U.S. will help satisfy the growing demand for home automation control.”

The HS100 and HS110 are Wi-Fi DC outlet plug devices that can be used with any standard single-phase 110V electrical system. Activated through a mobile application, users can configure the devices to schedule automated tasks and enable real-time monitoring and manual control of household appliances over a wireless Internet connection.

The HS200 is designed to replace a traditional 110V single-phase light switch. Upon installation, homeowners can use it to access, manage and control light fixtures, ceiling fans and air-conditioning units.

All three devices are bundled with a mobile app that can be deployed across both iOS and Android platforms. They also feature secure cloud-based wireless design, activity scheduling, multiple-user controls and a simplified setup procedure.

The HS-series devices will be made available to consumers beginning in the third quarter of 2015.

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