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Hook up to back up

Hook up to back up 

Whatever the security measures are, it’s often difficult to find full protection. This means that enterprises must have a backup or data recovery system at the ready, just in case.

To address this, HP Enterprise Services and Symantec have announced their partnership to develop a Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution.

“Partnering Symantec’s industry leading business continuity software with HP’s world class enterprise services will create a unique disaster recovery solution that will have a positive impact when any disruptive events occur,” Doug Matthews, VP of information availability for Symantec said in a press release.

“This collaboration will help our customers to protect their workloads no matter if they run on traditional IT or are hosted within HP Helion OpenStack-based cloud environments,” continued Matthews. “This new DRaaS solution focuses on business continuity, failover and failback and will monitor the most widely used applications and databases in the market.”

DRaaS and HP Helion OpenStack are engineered to help businesses reduce recovery time, data loss, and downtime costs.

The new DRaaS solution leverages HP’s cloud as the disaster recovery mechanism. This service will help users to recover system and application SLAs to stay at par with industry standards for security.

“HP clients want to leverage cloud as a disaster recovery target for cost savings and operational efficiencies, while helping customers to achieve recovery SLAs for systems and applications and providing a simplified experience,” said Jim Fanella, VP, Workload and Cloud, HP Enterprise Services, in a press release.

“Bringing a DRaaS solution that is powered by Symantec and HP Enterprise Services, leveraging HP Helion, will give both companies a strong go-to-market advantage in this fast growing market category.”

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