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Holographic storage will eliminate tape-based model, says Akonia

Holographic storage will eliminate tape-based model, says Akonia 

Akonia Holographics seeks to replace the older, tape-based storage model with holographic drive architecture. Designed to increase storage space while reducing costs, the new drives use Akonia’s photopolymer media, and have a storage density of 1.35 terabits per square inch.

“This milestone is the first in a series of demonstrations we have targeted with our newest technology platform,” CEO Ken Anderson said in a press release.

“Every other storage technology is struggling to take advantage of the third dimension by adding layers or stacks of disks,” Anderson added. “Holographic storage does this inherently.  We are just scratching the surface of what this technology can accomplish. Initially, we will enjoy a 2x to 4x advantage over LTO tape in dollars per TB and volumetric density. This gap will grow even larger in future product generations.”

Unlike the tape-based model, the holographic discs are able to transfer millions of bits of data 10 times faster. In addition, one holographic disc holds more data than 54 Blu-Ray discs. The discs can easily be reproduced at a low cost, and have fewer layers than traditional storage media.

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