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Hitachi expands HCP portfolio

Hitachi expands HCP portfolio 

This portfolio consists of HCP, Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere (HCP Anywhere), and Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI). It offers the ability to tier data to a public cloud without sacrificing visibility or control of data as enterprises transition from IT to cloud.

This HCP release introduces adaptive cloud tiering, in which organizations can move data to and from public clouds from Google, Amazon and Microsoft. With tiering, IT can create a secure hybrid cloud. With HCP Anywhere and HDI, file services can be delivered to balance the security and governance requirements of IT. Thus productivity improves, access is faster and business is streamlined by synchronizing data across multiple active sites.

“It is imperative for today’s organizations to give their business users as much flexibility as possible in doing their jobs. That means enabling them to take advantage of secure mobile solutions whenever and whenever possible,” said Marcel Escorcio, Regional VP and GM, HDS Canada, in a press release. “Our adaptive cloud tiering solution gives organizations a flexible and cost-effective means of extending the range of secure mobile solutions available to users.”

HCP Anywhere and HDI, integrated with HCP, give organizations the tools for a productive mobile and remote workforce by secure access to data from any IP-enabled device, mobile phones, and tablets. HCP Anywhere is a single point of control for remote office/branch office file services. Thus, mobile workforces can be productive in any setting. HCP, HCP Anywhere and HDI are also available as software-only offerings. They support the shift toward software-defined architectures and Business-Defined IT.

Agility by mobilizing content across all IP-enabled devices, providing security without compromise, cost optimization through cloud topologies, and flexibility and scalability via broad range deployment and cloud on-ramp capabilities are the important upgrades of this portfolio.

The HCP portfolio is built on the most secure object storage solution in the market. In a single platform, it includes archive, backup-free, and hybrid cloud storage for users. Developed by HDS, this portfolio is easy to set up and manage as business needs change. IT organizations and cloud service providers can easily store, share, synchronize, protect, preserve, analyze and retrieve file data from a single system. HCP can apply compression and deduplication across a consolidated environment, making it more cost effective.

“For today’s IT organization, it’s critical to deliver technology strategies and solutions in tight alignment with business priorities. We recognize that at HDS, and it’s something we call Business-Defined IT,” explained Brian Householder, COO, HDS, in a press release. “Today’s increasingly disparate and mobile workforces require trusted data mobility from the data center to the cloud, across a diverse array of devices, machines, sensors and other IP-enabled data sources. Hitachi Content Platform is the most tightly integrated, seamless and secure data mobility offering available today.”

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