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Blog Post introduces multi-platform collaboration app
COLLABORATION introduces multi-platform collaboration app 

The app, available to iOS, Android, and BlackBerry users, provides a complete social offering for the mobile workforce, giving employees access to SharePoint, SkyDrive Pro, email, telephone, and Yammer on multiple platforms, including desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

The offering comes at a time when mobile is becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace, and employees are more likely to circumvent enterprise security controls in search of a more convenient work experience.’s solution is intended to support the needs of changing workforces and reduce the risk of “rogue” IT practices in the workplace, which often result in compromised data and financial losses.

“Today’s business users want a consolidated view — they can’t be expected to sift through a dozen different mobile business apps while trying to get their job done on the fly,” said Yaacov Cohen, CEO, “Combining the document collaboration power of Office 365 and SharePoint with Yammer’s superior social platform gives our users a consolidated view of the information they need to be more efficient and effective while on the go.”

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