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Half of Canadian SOC teams are getting overwhelmed by security alert volume

Half of Canadian SOC teams are getting overwhelmed by security alert volume 

Trend Micro released a study that reveals SOC and IT security teams are experiencing stress outside of work with security alert overload.

The study specifically found that 70 per cent of global participants said their personal lives are being emotionally affected by the work they do managing IT threat alerts. Forty six per cent of Canadian SOT/IT security teams are getting overwhelmed by the amount of security alerts, while 52 per cent said they are not very confident in their capacity to prioritize and respond to all of them. This resulted in the teams spending as much as 25 per cent of their time dealing with false positives.

These results are proven by a recent study by Forrester which stated that, “security teams are heavily understaffed when it comes to incident response, even as they face more attacks. Security operations centers (SOCs) need a more-effective method of detection and response; thus, XDR takes a dramatically different approach to other tools on the market today.”

Due to the continued rise in the volume of alerts, many Canadian SOC managers are unable to relax and tend to become irritable with friends and family. While doing their work, they also tend to cause individuals to turn off alerts (30 per cent do so occasionally or frequently), walk away from their computer (46 per cent), hope another team member will step in (46 per cent), or ignore what is coming in entirely (36 per cent).

“SOC team members play a crucial role on the cyber frontline, managing and responding to threat alerts to keep their organizations safe from potentially catastrophic breaches. But as this research shows, that pressure sometimes comes at an enormous personal cost,” said Bharat Mistry, technical director for Trend Micro. “To avoid losing their best people to burnout, organizations must look to more sophisticated threat detection and response platforms that can intelligently correlate and prioritize alerts. This will not only improve overall protection but also enhance analyst productivity and job satisfaction levels.”

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