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Hackers can get into your hotel room with you knowing

Hackers can get into your hotel room with you knowing 

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Did you know that hackers have been able to sneak in-and-out of hotel rooms for years now? It is very possible that a hacker may have entered the room you have stayed at during your last trip without you knowing.

Using “off-the-shelf” hardware items, hackers can convert ordinary room cards into master keys.

Researchers from F-Secure, that’s a cybersecurity firm in Finland, stumbled upon the flaw about a year ago and have been working with the largest lock manufacturer in the world to help fix it.

They’ve already managed to create a software update that would effectively resolve the issue, but it will be several weeks before it’s fully up and running.

Google is going after Outlook

Google unveiled a new Gmail design this week, giving its free email service some new features and a fresh look. Regular Gmail users can now enjoy the new design, smart replies, and email snooze features.

Also, Google is adding some smart business-focused features designed to improve productivity, security, and manage the sharing of emails. These are the types of features that you’d usually find in Microsoft’s Outlook app. Of course, Microsoft dominates the workplace space, but Google through its G Suite is working to change that.

Microsoft is sending an e-waste recycler to jail for ‘pirating’ Windows

Eric Lundgren, the founder of the first electronic hybrid recycling facility in the United States and an innovator in the field of recycling e-waste, was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison over restore disks for Windows computer.

His company uses old mobile phones, computers and other electronics to build new devices. Eric has long been an advocate of recycling electronics, and now he’s going to jail for it.

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