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Guidance Software releases security analytics product

Guidance Software releases security analytics product 

The new software applies big data analytics to endpoint data. Using EnCase Analytics, IT security teams can collect and analyze activity across all endpoints, including servers, on their network to show external and internal threats. These include security problems that could otherwise go undetected, such as compromised admin accounts, back-channel communications and polymorphic malware. With its security analytics product, Guidance Software aims to provide companies with a bird’s eye view of company-wide security risks. It also allows IT teams to proactively monitor threats.   

The solution is being used by multinational healthcare, manufacturing and risk management organizations, each with a multitude of endpoints. These organizations have used EnCase Analytics to collect, correlate and analyze endpoint activity to uncover potential security breaches.

“An effective IT security program now requires operating under the assumption that the perimeter has been and will continue to be breached. Organizations must implement proactive security measures, like systems that provide visibility into anomalous behavior across all endpoints of the network,” said Victor Limongelli, president and CEO at Guidance Software. “EnCase Analytics provides, for the first time, a clear picture of the security posture of an organization so that they can proactively zero-in on threats and minimize damage.” 

EnCase Analytics is available through the Guidance Software channel partner network and directly from Guidance Software.

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