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GroundWork releases Net Hub for software-defined networks

GroundWork releases Net Hub for software-defined networks 

GroundWork’s new Net Hub software provides enterprises with enhanced, API-based discovery and monitoring solutions for dynamic software-defined networks.

“Traditional network monitoring methods struggle to work and map well to the dynamic and fluid nature of private clouds and SDNs,” said David Dennis, VP of business development and marketing for GroundWork in a press release. “We understand that, and wanted to provide the same API-based monitoring capabilities of SDNs that users expect from monitoring private cloud compute resources.”

Building upon the company’s Cloud Hub code base, GroundWork Net Hub only needs to be configured once upon implementation. Doing so allows the software to remain in touch with the SDN controller in order to gain knowledge about the network’s configuration, the addition or removal of certain components and their individual characteristics.

Net Hub’s other functions include native API-based monitoring, ongoing discovery of new elements, and the ability to obtain topology, port and flow statistics, and packet and byte counts.


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