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Grasp Technologies releases Grasp Data

Grasp Technologies releases Grasp Data 

Without the need to click on a report, users can thoroughly inspect the report with its coverflow technology. Users can find contacts and report packages, create and run reports straight from the dashboard charts and graphs, with more options added to the existing CSV and HTML.

“In this version we deliver all of the new dashboard drilldown capability and we are the first in the industry to introduce coverflow technology to allow 3D visualizations in a Business Intelligence platform,” shared Dave Lukas, VP, Grasp Technologies, in a press release.  “We have deployments scheduled monthly through the end of the year and next on the agenda will be to introduce Artificial Intelligence into the Grasp Data platform.”

“They are excited to see the innovation and have access to capabilities that clients cannot find anywhere else,” added Lukas.  But most importantly, we continue to hear from clients how they are amazed at how easy it is to use the platform.  Three clicks or less has always been a mantra of ours.”

Grasp Technologies said it is seeing immediate usage of this software by its clients.

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