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Global Knowledge announces curriculum on Software-Defined Networking

Global Knowledge announces curriculum on Software-Defined Networking 

These SDN courses will provide context to organizations for strategic planning for multi-departmental interdependencies. Global Knowledge designed courses that explain SDN’s role in networking environments, including SDN’s relationship with the cloud for provisioning and Network Functions Virtualization for automated load balancing. This training also includes a planning workshop that helps students explore the vendor solutions for SDN.

“We work with organizations across various disciplines and industries, as well as professionals with roles that span the breadth and depth of their companies,” said Michael Fox, SVP, Enterprise Solutions for Global Knowledge. “Similar to the transformative nature of cloud and practice changes aligned to security and privacy requirements, SDN is a game changer.” “We understand that this will revolutionize the way that businesses provision networking, compute and storage resources, how they shape teams and what skills they recruit and develop. Empowering organizations to appropriately plan for this technology so they can truly benefit from the efficiencies of increased automation and maximized flexibility in hardware provisioning is something we take great pride in. We want to help our customers be proactive and facilitate the growth that can be a competitive advantage for them.”

The Global Knowledge SDN courses include SDN Essentials and an SDN Planning Workshop. The SDN Essentials teaches what SDN is and how it changes network services, applications and roles. The Planning Workshop provides the tools and techniques to differentiate between vendor solutions. These courses are taught by instructors with real-world applicable experience. SDN courses are offered in the learner’s choice of classroom or virtual instructor led training, as well as via private group professional development that can be delivered onsite at the customer organization. Global Knowledge’s learning support assists organizations to develop tailored training and career-enhancing solutions aligned with capital expenditure and growth objectives.

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