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Global IP traffic to grow three-fold by 2018: Cisco

Global IP traffic to grow three-fold by 2018: Cisco 

According to this forecast, for the first time in Internet history, major traffic will originate from devices other than personal computers, Wi-Fi traffic will exceed wired traffic, and high-definition video will generate more traffic than standard definition video. And, as the Internet of Everything gains momentum, by 2018 machine-to-machine (M2M) connections will be equal to the people on earth.

Millions of people are expected to view games or highlights via the Internet, with the FIFA World Cup 2014 set to begin on June 12. This is expected to generate 4.3 exabytes of video streaming and IP broadcast, three times the current monthly IP traffic in Brazil. Also, Internet traffic generated by spectators is forecasted to surpass the busy-hour traffic in Brazil.

By 2018, monthly global IP traffic is expected to reach 132 exabytes. The reasons for this increase include the FIFA World Cup, binge-watching, YouTube and texting. By that time, the country with the highest traffic generation will be the United States, with 37 exabytes per month.

Significantly, the report also found that portable devices other than PCs will drive the majority of traffic by 2018, and that busy-hour Internet traffic is increasing faster than average Internet traffic. Traffic originating in metro networks will surpass the traffic traversing long-haul links in 2013. IP video usage will rise to 79 percent, up from 66 percent in 2013. IP traffic from Wi-Fi access, mobile-connected devices and increasing broadband speed will also contribute to this.

Adapting to the increasing number of devices, the evolution of advanced video services, continued business video adoption, and flexibility and intelligence to support these were some implications forecast by Cisco VNI for service providers.

“Our first Cisco Visual Networking Index nine years ago established the zettabyte as a major milestone for global IP traffic,” said Doug Webster, VP, Products and Solutions Marketing, Cisco. “Today, we are firmly in the ‘Zettabyte Era’ and witnessing incredible innovations and shifts in the industry. The reality of the Internet of Everything (IoE), the increasing demand for network mobility, and the emergence of 4K video are among the key trends highlighted in this year’s forecast that represent significant opportunities for service providers today and in the immediate future.”

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