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GigaSpaces introduces re-architected Cloudify 3.0

GigaSpaces introduces re-architected Cloudify 3.0 

Cloudify simplifies application deployment and management on OpenStack, VMware and other clouds.

While most application management occurs after deployment, in current models application installation is the main focus. Thus, post-deployment processes have to be managed manually with custom tool chains which can lead to system complexity and inconsistency.

Cloudify 3.0 fixes this problem without manual intervention via a feedback loop that fixes and updates from a single platform that can integrate with any tool chain. And the managed applications can meet the desired SLA.

“To deliver this next generation, intelligent orchestration, we needed to rethink Cloudify’s design,” said Yaron Parasol, VP, Product at GigaSpaces, in a press release. “With a new language of code, adoption of industry standards and development of scalable and custom workflows, we created something that few are doing today – orchestration of the entire app lifecycle that encompasses both pre-deployment and post-deployment management with a single platform.”

Intelligence in orchestration and capability to span thousands of nodes, monitoring tool chain, native integration with OpenStack, supporting various clouds, and meeting TOSCA specification are some of Cloudify’s highlights.

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