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Getting analytical with cyber security

Getting analytical with cyber security 

The company has announced the launch of the new FICO Cyber Security Analytics platform, which uses streaming analytics research to provide enterprise users with improved self-learning models that uncover the latest digital security threats in real time.

“FICO sees firsthand how today’s cyber security breaches become tomorrow’s payment card fraud and account compromise headlines,” FICO CEO Will Lansing said in a press release.

“We have adapted our real-time streaming analytics technologies to provide a unique analytic layer of event detection and monitoring. Our solution can help organizations of all kinds protect their data assets and stop damaging data breaches and theft attempts in their tracks.”

The new product relies on self-learning analytics to find security breaches on a network, as opposed to using signature-based methods. This new approach helps to expedite the detection process across several network management devices and provides users with information in real time.

The platform’s analytics also examine irregularities in data flow and network traffic, while acknowledging “normal” activity in order to decrease the occurrence of false-positive alerts.

FICO Security Analytics can be operated as a standalone solution, or in tandem with other security platforms, signature-based systems and security information and event management (SIEM) tools.

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