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Get with the scan: new Canon scanner punches above its weight

Get with the scan: new Canon scanner punches above its weight 


Small footprint, big throughput

The DR-M160II can scan up to 60 pages per minute or 120 images per minute at 200 dots per inch, both in simplex or duplex. It’s also small, taking up roughly 10”x10” of space when it is closed. Unfolded, the 7.05 lb. machine’s dimensions are 9.09″ x 11.02″ x 9.76″.


Not only will you not need to find room to house the DR-M160II in your office, but you won’t need to find room for it in the office budget, either. Retailing at just $1,008, the DR-M160II out-performs and out-prices its competitors.

Canon’s user-friendly design, reliable item handling and intelligent image processing in the DR-M160II offers end-to-end options for capturing and converting documents as high-res images.


The DR-M160II’s automatic document feeder can actually load up to 60 sheets in different shapes and sizes and scan materials in one run. It can automatically detect the size of documents it scans even when you feed it a batch of different-sized documents with various paper stocks.

The unit can scan material from 2” to 8.5” wide and up to 118.1” long. Like other Canon office scanners, the DR-M160II can also scan business cards, including embossed cards such as debit and credit cards.

The scanner is compatible with PC and Mac computer systems, and bundles ISIS and TWAIN drivers, allowing for easy integration into any office environment.


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Feeding without the jam

Canon also gets a thumbs-up for designing a very straight path for paper sheets to run through the DR-M160II. This way paper jams are averted, even when documents with irregular sizes or folds are fed through the machine.

Occasionally scanners can pull up two sheets of paper at the same time which results in documents getting jammed and even crumpled between the rollers. The DR-M160II avoids double feeds by using ultrasonic waves that detect if two pages are being fed at the same time. If material does get stuck, you can press the double feed release button. Doing so will adjust the feeder and free the document. This way, documents do not get destroyed midway through a scan.

Accurate scans

Have you noticed that sometimes your scans are a bit on the dark side or a bit heavy on certain colours? Well, the background smoothing function on the DR-M160II will analyze images for background colour content. It adjusts the image’s jagged edges and solidifies background colours to enhance viewing clarity.

Once you’ve scanned your documents, the DR-M160II’s impressive bundled feature set provides you with the flexibility to perform additional image enhancements.

The OCR software converts scanned text into digital files which give users the ability to easily search for specific documents using keywords or phrases. It’s great for keeping anything from family recipes to important contracts in order.

In a busy law office or business, workers no longer need to thumb through binders of files in search of an invoice. You can actually effortlessly search through hundreds of invoices and locate a specific name or account in a matter of minutes.

Canon’s CaptureOnTouch software allows users to share or send documents to multiple destinations. This bundled software also allows users to save to various file formats such as PDF, JPEG, TIF, BMP and PowerPoint.


CaptureOnTouch is ideal for organizations with dispersed workgroups that collaborate and share documents in the cloud. CaptureOnTouch enables documents to be scanned directly to third-party cloud applications such as SharePoint and Evernote.

Canon also bundles Kofax’s Virtual ReScan and Nuance’s eCopy PDF Pro Office software tools with the DR-M160II, providing users with more flexibility to choose the software that fits their needs (at no additional cost).



Office Document Scanner

Document Feeding

Automatic or Manual

Document Size Width

2.0″ – 8.5″

Document Size Length

2.1″ – 14.0″

Long Document Mode: Up to 118.1″

Folio Mode: Up to 11″ x 17″

Document Weight: 7 – 68 lb. Bond

Feeder Capacity

Up to 60 Sheets





Scanning Element

One-Line Contact Image Sensor (CMOS)

Light Source


Operating Modes

Colour, Greyscale, Black and White

Drop Out Colour


Optical Resolution

600 dpi

Output Resolution

150/200/240/300/400/600 dpi

Scanning Speeds


Black And White

(Simplex / Duplex):* Up to 60 ppm / Up to 120 ipm


(Simplex / Duplex):* Up to 60 ppm / Up to 120 ipm

Colour 24 Bit

(Simplex / Duplex):* Up to 60 ppm / Up to 120 ipm


Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Supported OS: Windows XP Professional (32-bit/64-bit) Windows XP Home (32-bit), Windows Vista® (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Mac OS 10.7.5, Mac OS 10.8.5, Mac OS 10.9.1


9.09″ x 11.02″ x 9.76″ (with trays closed)


7.05 lb.

Power Consumption

27 W max. (Energy Saving Mode: 1.8 W)

Other Features

Auto Colour Detection, Auto Page Size Detection, Auto Resolution Setting, Background Smoothing, Character Emphasis, Colour Dropout/Enhance Colour, Deskew, Double-Feed Release, Feeding Retry, Folio Mode, Image Rotation, Long Document Mode, MultiStream, Pre-Scan, Prevent Bleed-Through/ Remove Background, Separation Retry, Shadow Cropping, Skip Blank Page, Text Enhancement, Text Orientation Recognition, Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection, User Preferences

Bundled Software: ISIS/TWAIN Drivers; Canon CaptureOnTouch; CapturePerfect; Nuance eCopyPDF Pro Office; Kofax VRS with AIPE 

Bundled Mac Software:


2D Code Module, Barcode Module, Exchange Roller Kit, Flatbed Scanner Unit 101, Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 

* Examples based on typical settings, rated in pages/images per minute with letter-sized documents at 200 dpi portrait-feeding directions. Actual processing speeds may vary based on PC performance and application.

 The Canon DR-M160II is available at local retailers across Canada.

The main selling points of this high-quality scanner are its ability to handle various types of documents, produce clear and accurate scans and allow users the flexibility to manipulate scanned images, and save as well as send documents to multiple destinations in various file types.

The DR-M160II’s small footprint is ideal for small workspaces, but its advance features and ability to handle large volumes make it a perfect fit for most office environments. If time is at a premium in your office and you’re often rushed when scanning, the DR-M160II will help you cut through your workload in no time.

Here’s what ITinCanada staffers, who tried the DR-M160II, have to say:

“We found the straightforward design of the imageFormula DR-M160II is unobtrusive and uncluttered. The major buttons like Start, Stop and Job Select as well as the job number indicator are out in the front, very easy to see and reach.” – IT Staff
“The scanner’s petite dimension made it very easy for us to fit the DR-M160II next to my laptop on our desks and we still had ample room to work as well as extra space for a stack of files and magazines. The scanner also operated quietly, it was not distracting in any way.” – IT Staff
“We stacked the automatic feeder to the maximum it could hold – 60 pages. The DR-M160II took the load and scanned it in just a bit over 60 seconds.” – IT Staff
“We tried a smaller batch of documents in different sizes including standard 8-1/2” x 11” sheets, some perforated government notices, even torn sheets. They all went through the DR-M160II feeder smoothly. The documents didn’t jam.” – IT Staff
“We also found that and the machine created scanned images in the exact dimensions of each document
.” – IT Staff  

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