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Gen X and the rise of the Supertasker

Gen X and the rise of the Supertasker 

According to the 2014 Cisco Connected World Technology Report (CCWTR), by 2020, the majority of employees will be connected via wearable devices, although the laptop prevails as the top priority for workplace connectivity, at least for now.

The working preferences of this generation are paving way for the future, and this includes the emergence of the “Supertasker,” an individual who uses four devices with expertise. Although many workers are shifting towards working remotely, 44 per cent of respondents maintain that working in office is more productive. The mindset of recruiters has shifted as well, with 50 per cent hiring new employees through video interviews.

More than half of Canadian Gen X and Gen Y workers see themselves as a Supertasker. Human resource directors believe Supertaskers increase productivity and feel that are better off with a management position because they inflate a high performer’s expectations.

There is a strong indication that 70 per cent (85 per cent in Canada) of Gen X professionals mix work and personal activities successfully to become Supertaskers.

More than half of Gen X and Y workers do not see themselves as typical 9-to-5 workers. Flexible work schedules are becoming more common, and more businesses are allowing their labour force to work from home. Moreover, the three-hour lunch is the latest trend compensated by working additional hours in return.

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