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GE announces new approach to big data in collaboration with Pivotal

GE announces new approach to big data in collaboration with Pivotal 

Collaborating with Pivotal, a PaaS platform and converge apps provider, GE has announced its creation of industrial data lake approach for airlines, railroads and hospital customers for the storage of petabytes of industrial-strength Big Data which is very complex. GE and Pivotal aim to develop data architecture to provide for critical infrastructure operations.

“Big Data is growing so fast that it is outpacing the ability of current tools to take full advantage of it,” said Bill Ruh, VP, GE Software, in a press release. “Working with Pivotal, we have created a unique industrial data approach that merges information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT) to better match the productivity and efficiency needs of our customers so they get the most value out of their mission-critical information.”

GE’s software solutions – Predictivity – benefit from this approach and GE says it has been pilot run in GE Aviation. GE collects real-time data with its flight efficiency services and analyzes this data to aid airlines operations’ efficacy.

In 2013, GE Aviation pilot ran this industrial data lake approach with collected information from 15,000 flights from 25 airlines at 14 gigs of data per flight and was able to integrate terabytes of data and saved 10 times cost and also vastly reduced analysis time from months to days. Through this, its customer AirAsia saves more than one percent on fuel bill each year.

“Gathering and analyzing data to improve our customers’ operations is no longer a futuristic concept, but a real process underway today, and growing in magnitude,” shared David Joyce, president & CEO, GE Aviation, in a press release.

GE says this approach can improve performance 2000 times and global enterprises can save management time and cost thus trading in good for enhancing productivity. Presently, GE is utilizing industrial internet data lake to manage full flight data for many large airline companies. Developed from Pivotal’s basic software this data lake will integrate with Predix, GE industrial internet software platform that connects machines, analytics and people.

GE anticipates by 2015 its data collection will grow to 10 million flights and 1500 terabytes of flight operational data.

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