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Fusion-io releases ioVDI

Fusion-io releases ioVDI 

The company’s new solution offers a simple server deployment model that delivers persistent desktop performance at a cost similar to stateless desktops. Network administrators can add ioVDI to their infrastructure, which provides drop-in VDI acceleration for hundreds of users per server. Fusion-io hopes that its new software will scale performance to deliver more virtual desktops on the same infrastructure, and in turn will reduce the hardware investment required to provide a responsive virtual desktop experience to users of even performance-sensitive applications.

Fusion-io’s ioVDI also processes data quickly on the server, which lowers the amount of data traveling across the network. It delivers less than 200 milliseconds of application latency and averaging at only 10 milliseconds. Otherwise, application latency can be as much as over 1800 milliseconds, with average latency at around 600 milliseconds.

The transparent file sharing feature offers inline file deduplication to accelerate VDI responsiveness by reducing virtual machine disk reads over 95 percent. Transparent file sharing reduces boot times, enabling a fully loaded server with 200 running virtual machines to reboot in eight to 12 seconds. Even if an entire server fails, all 200 users will be restarted automatically with no user intervention or scripting.

Fusion-io’s ioVDI also has a write vectoring feature, which eliminates latency and prolongs the life of shared storage resources by storing non-critical transient data on server-side flash rather than on shared storage. Write vectoring recognizes the existence of transient desktop writes that never need persistence, including page file I/O, temporary files, and browser temp data. Transient writes are written to server-side PCIe flash to reduce write workloads on shared storage by up to 80 percent.  Essential desktop writes such as auto-saves and user data updates are directed to shared storage for protection and high availability.

The software also provides dynamic flash allocation that reallocates flash on both the primary and secondary server so that flash performance and capacity is always optimally delivered to applications. And, it offers flash-aware HA and VMware integration. 

Fusion-io’s ioVDI can be deployed with servers and ioMemory solutions from Cisco, Dell, HP and IBM. It integrates with existing VAAI-compliant shared storage back end storage as well as the Fusion ION Data Accelerator and the company’s ioControl hybrid storage system. ioVDI supports multiple guest operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 running on vSphere 5.0 and 5.1 Virtual desktops are managed using VMware Horizon View and VMware’s vCenter server with event monitoring and customizable email alerts provided through vCenter.

The software will be available as stand-alone software and as an integrated solution featuring ioVDI software and Fusion ioCache virtualization acceleration platforms integrated into servers from Fusion-io original equipment manufacturers.

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