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Formula 1 launches brainpower competition

Formula 1 launches brainpower competition 

The way it works is this: Formula 1 will be revealing three different challenges that it faces regarding issues of connectivity and how to enhance the fan experience. But these are not your run-of-the-mill problems that need solving. Formula 1 already has some of the brightest engineers in the world working for them and if you think you can out work them then you will have your work cut out for you.

For example, the first of the three challenges, announced after Montreal’s Formula 1 race, encourages entrants to unleash their imaginations and reconfigure the way F1’s iconic timing and results data is presented.

“Technology has always been a hallmark of Formula 1, so this opportunity to open some of our innovations to the world brightest minds is an exciting initiative from Tata Communications,” said John Morrison, Formula One Management’s Chief Technical Officer at the launch of the Tata Communications F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize. “The resultant ideas should present engaging new features that the talented Formula 1 engineering team can rapidly develop to enhance the F1 fan experience.”

The second and third challenges n the competition will be announced later in the race season. You can check for updates here.

A panel of Judges, including noted F1 drivers Martin Brundle and Lewis Hamilton, will select the winner. The judges are said to be looking for someone “whose idea best exemplifies innovative and creative thinking in connectivity surrounding F1.”

Just like on the racetrack, competition is bound to be fierce. But fear not, six runners-up will also get VIP trips to the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix –so second place isn’t so bad.

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