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FMRU – the first AI-powered online clothing shop is here

FMRU – the first AI-powered online clothing shop is here 

FMRU Clothing is a luxury online clothing marketplace that utilizes artificial intelligence for its measuring capability to offer clients the most accurate size recommendations for any of their pieces. The clothing company promises to deliver an online shopping experience that guarantees confidence as if a buyer is trying on clothes in person.

How it works?

The company’s process is very user-friendly where clients just need to upload two pictures of themselves, a front and a side profile. Once these images are in the site, body measurements are automatically calculated in under one minute, then matched to each product and size chart in FMRU’s database to ensure the perfect size recommendation.

FMRU houses thousands of brands including Gucci, Versace, Balmain, and Kenzo. Another feature the website prides on is the friend function where a user can shop clothes of another person.

Overall, FMRU wanted to give solution to major buying concerns such as “What size should you buy,” “How will it fit,” and “Can you return it if I don’t like it?” All these led to the FMRU team to deliver the first consumer-focused clothing site. Aside from giving confidence to its buyers, this type of business model also reduces the amounts of returns, leading to a decrease in carbon footprint of the online industry.

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