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FlexITy collaborates with Atlantis for desktop virtualization

FlexITy collaborates with Atlantis for desktop virtualization 

“Integrating Atlantis ILIO into storage intensive virtual desktop or application infrastructures in private and public clouds optimizes the use of data centre storage, automates large-scale deployments and lowers implementation risks for our clients,” said Peter Stavropoulos, CEO and president of FlexITy Solutions in a press release. “We continue to examine technologies for our clients and certifying Atlantis ILIO for VDI projects, we can provide that value of decreasing the cost of virtual desktops deployments, while delivering better than PC performance.”

New offerings from FlexITy will incorporate Atlantic ILIO into virtual desktop or app management systems linked to both private and public clouds. This will boost efficiency while increasing security, performance and control over these platforms.

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