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Flexera introduces an installation platform for cloud – InstallAnywhere 2014

Flexera introduces an installation platform for cloud – InstallAnywhere 2014 

Flexera believes InstallAnywhere 2014 simplifies deployment of multi-tier applications and also simplifies installation for multi-platform for physical, virtual and cloud environments. If web/server application development is simplified, it reduces the time between software releases and thus saves time and effort for software installers.

“Virtualization and the cloud continue to deliver tremendous benefits for both application producers and their customers,” said Maureen Polte, VP, product management, Flexera Software, in a press release. “InstallAnywhere 2014 accommodates both existing and emerging environments, enabling producers to support the physical configurations that customers still need and want, while delivering applications as cloud-based offerings.”

Flexera says that InstallAnywhere 2014 is the only solution which can automatically detect and upgrade the older application versions with the updated ones for a customer’s PC, and this installation solution can provide out-of-the-box support for the latest versions of MySQL and its user dialogs allowing developers to install databases and panels to MySQL locally and remotely.

The Java web application archive (WAR), which is a common method of packaging a web application into a Java ZIP file, does not include customer-facing interface for deployment. Moreover, the archive is limited to bundle support prerequisites, runtimes and machine configuration. InstallAnywhere 2014 provides built-in panels through which end users can deploy WAR files to local and remote servers.

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