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FiveStars launches new marketing tool for SMBs

FiveStars launches new marketing tool for SMBs 

FiveStars says AutoPilot drives over 1.5 million check-ins per month for its 5000 business customers and is ideal for local businesses looking for increased customer visits and retention. The tool is available on all point-of-sale systems.

Businesses saw a 45 percent increase in in-store visits per month when the tool was tested for multiple months, in over 2000 SMBs across the U.S., a 20% increase in spend-per-visit, and up to an 80% increase in customer retention.

Merchants can automatically text, notify and email the right message to the right customer through the right channel, to customers’ mobile devices through AutoPilot.

Customers are put into “loyalty buckets” and receive texts that are triggered by events, customer birthdays, and specific purchases, with this tool’s segmentation technology.

Moreover, AutoPilot offers features for multi-location chains and franchise groups, which include A/B testing, reminders, SKU triggers, and multi-channel message delivery.

“Ten percent of all FiveStars AutoPilot promotions result in an in-store sale – this tool has proven to be up to ten times more effective than traditional marketing activities such as email blasts,” explained Victor Ho, CEO and co-founder of FiveStars, in a press release. “More importantly, AutoPilot frees merchants from setting up targeted sales campaigns or promotions. With AutoPilot, messages are created, targeted, and delivered automatically for maximum effectiveness.”

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