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First Episode – WRLWND Radio

First Episode – WRLWND Radio 



WRLWND Radio, for the latest news, releases and reviews from the technology world, tune in to WRLWND radio.

Hi there,

This is Marcello from WRLWND Radio….

For this episode we will look at the latest news in the mobile world for this week.

First up:

Over 95 per cent of Android phones and tablets are at risk of being hacked by a single incoming text message – that is 950 million devices.

Joshua Drake from Zimperium zLabs di-sected the Android code and discovered what is considered to be the worst Android security concern that has surfaced to date.

But what is really scary about this is that hackers only need access to your mobile number. With that they can remotely execute a code via a well-designed media file delivered through the messaging application on your device.

It gets even scarier; an all out successful attack could even delete the message before you actually see it. The only thing you may see is just the notification. These exposures are extremely threatening, as it does not require you to take any action to be exploited.

Google has since applied some patches but there is a long way to go before this gets under control.


BlackBerry launches new Passport

BlackBerry has launched its second generation Passport, which is named the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition. This latest version has been slightly redesigned is geared toward business professionals.

So what’s new in this version?

Well, the changes made to the Passport have more to do with hardware styling than software. At first glance you will see the curved edges with a silver finish, along with a reinforced stainless steel frame for extra strength and durability. The QWERTY keyboard made popular by BlackBerry has been updated, as well.

The battery life has also improved somewhat with the addition of the largest 3450 mAh battery used among any of the top selling smartphones today. Tests conducted indicate that battery power runs up to 30 hours based on varied usage.

Some of the key features of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition are:

  • Square Screena 4.5 screen with a 1440 x1440 pixel (453 dpi) HD display
  • QWERTY Keyboard ease of use in typing and double as a trackpad with many touch functions
  • New BlackBerry 10.3.2 OS – including features such as BlackBerry Assistant and Amazon Appstore
  • Battery Lifeprovides up to 30 hours of mixed use
  • Two app storesBlackBerry World and the Amazon Appstore
  • BlackBerry Assistantdigital assistant which can be used with voice and text commands to manage native BlackBerry 10 applications
  • BlackBerry Blendmanage messages and content across multiple operating systems including Mac, Windows, iOS and Android
  • Premium quality in materials and latest technology, Quad Core 2.2 GHZ Processor, 3 GB RAM, 13 MP OIS rear camera and 32 GB memory
  • Soundpowerful speakers and a quad microphone system that delivers a high-quality listening experience

So, what do you think? Are you excited about the latest version of the Passport? Are you looking to get one?

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