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FARO goes portable with new release

FARO goes portable with new release 

The product claims to be the first portable geometric measurements software, with touch capabilities, for laser trackers and measuring arms.

“SmartInspect 1.2 is the most intuitive software for basic geometry measurements on the market,” FARO Americas managing director Kathleen J. Hall said in a press release, “It enhances mobility, eliminates complexity and makes it possible for non-experts to begin measuring quickly, so your FARO Laser Tracker, FaroArm or FARO Gage delivers immediate ROI.”

The software is designed to interface with laser trackers for accuracy and measurement, but without the complexity of CAD-based software. It runs on all Microsoft Windows-based Touch PCs or Touchpads.

SmartInspect 1.2 is ideal for fully mobile measurement applications because of its touch capability. Additionally, it and enables large parts inspection to be streamlined through its Move Device function.

Another new addition to the updated version is voice operation. The software’s audible feedback capability relays the user with real-time information if any errors or miscalculations occur.

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