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Facebook wants to turn thoughts into text

Facebook wants to turn thoughts into text 

Show Notes:

Bose lawsuit

There is a new lawsuit against Bose, alleging that the company spies on users of its wireless headphones by keeping track of music, podcasts, and other audio and then using the data for financial gain.

This week a complaint was filed in a federal court in Chicago, seeking millions of dollars in damages to the users of Bose products. The lawsuit claims that Bose uses its Bose Connect app to spy on users. This app is used by customers to pair headphones to devices while managing software updates.

Microsoft phone sign in

Our passwords getting into the wrong hands have caused severe damages and financial loses. For years, experts have looked at ways to replace passwords by using fingerprint and iris scan. Both are good alternatives but expensive to implement and not widely used. 

Microsoft has a new way to sign in to your accounts with just your phone—no password necessary. “With phone sign-in, we’re shifting the security burden from your memory to your device,” Alex Simons, director of program management for Microsoft’s Identity Division.

Simons said the process is “easier than standard two-step verification and significantly more secure than only a password, which can be forgotten, phished, or compromised.”

If you don’t have your phone with you, you can choose to enter your password instead.

Facebook turning thoughts into text

During its F8 Developers Conference in California this week, Facebook revealed an ongoing project in which it aims to launch a product that will allow users to send emails, texts, and post status updates using only their thoughts.

The launch is a few years away but aims to allow users to type at 100 words per minute by monitoring their brain waves. Current technology allows researchers to type at eight words per minute.

Also, Facebook is working on hearing through your skin. It is an easier way to access Facebook and other content on smartphones. This is going to be beneficial to users who are deaf and disabled, or act as a way to break down the language barrier. 

Former Google executive and DARPA director Regina Dugan said, “One day, not so far away, it may be possible for me to think in Mandarin and for you to feel it instantly in Spanish.”

Another product – AR glasses that don’t obscure eyes which will be out faster than the first two projects that we’ve talked about.

In the News

Skype is very popular among cybercriminals. In a new study, researchers discovered that Skype is the number one communication channel for cybercriminals worldwide, edging out competitors like WhatsApp, Telegram and ICQ.

Microsoft is looking to retire Wunderlist and replace it with TO-DO later this year. TO-DO has a feature called “My Day” which offers a clean slate every day. Unfinished items in your list can be added to the current day by tapping on a lightbulb in the corner. To-Do also pulls tasks from your old, existing and future lists and automatically prioritize those it deems most important.

Microsoft To-Do is free and will sync across iPhone, Android, Windows 10. If you would like to take a look at it, check out the web version which is now available.

Samsung has announced pricing for the Galaxy Book. This 2-in1 tablet is powered by Windows 10 and is a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Surface. The 10.6-inch Galaxy Book with Wi-Fi only starts at $630 US, while the 12-inch, Wi-Fi only Galaxy Book starts at $1,130 US. Both versions are available for pre-order from April 21.

Also, both models come with a stylus and a keyboard case. By comparison, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 starts at $800 US with no stylus or keyboard cover; rising to $1000 for a model with specs to match the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Book 12, again without keyboard and stylus. 

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