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Facebook self-destructing status updates

Facebook self-destructing status updates 

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Facebook is process of testing a new functionality – it is – self-destructing messages. Facebook is hoping that this is a way to encourage users to post more status updates.

This lets users share 101 character updates that are made from text only.

If Facebook decides to roll this out to all users, then news feeds will be filled with text updates, making it look more like Twitter or like the early days of Facebook.

New technologies for diabetes

There are a few out there like a new product from Novo Nordisk. This is a fast-acting insulin that is designed to help to minimize the high blood sugar spikes that occur when people with diabetes eat a meal containing carbohydrates.

This adds (vitamin B3), which doubles the speed of initial insulin absorption compared to current fast-acting insulins taken at mealtime. This new insulin hits the bloodstream in under three minutes.

Another advance is Abbott’s new monitoring device called the FreeStyle Libre Flash. It’s a round patch with a tube that is inserted on the arm for up to 10 days. It has a scanning device that the user places over the patch to read their blood sugar level.

What is different about this product is that it lets users monitor blood glucose levels without having to frequently prick their fingers for blood testing.

Samsung working on Linux desktop

Samsung is working on an app that lets users run a variety of Linux-based desktops on its Galaxy phones.

The Linux on Galaxy app works with the DeX, a dock that converts a Galaxy phone into a desktop PC when connected to a keyboard and mouse.

Samsung hasn’t offered any details about how the app works or what the install process is like.

Samsung hasn’t set a release date for Linux on Galaxy and says it is still a work in progress.

Dex works with a variety of apps, including Microsoft Office and Samsung mobile apps that have been resized for a larger display. However, many apps, like Netflix, Facebook, Spotify and Twitter either don’t work or aren’t optimized for DeX.

Tech Bytes

Apple’s shares fell 1.5 percent in premarket trading this week on growing concerns about muted demand for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The company has cut orders for both models by about 50 per cent for November and December, Taiwan-based Economic Daily News reported, citing a supply chain official.

Representatives for Facebook, Google, and Twitter will appear in front of congress on November 1st to provide testimony on Russian election interference.

The congressional hearing is one of many government probes into Russian election interference, this one turns its focus on social media’s involvement.

All three tech companies found evidence of ad tampering over the course of internal investigations this year, and subsequently reported those findings to congress.

Samsung is combining its various Internet of Things services under a single banner called SmartThings Cloud, the company announced.

While in the past various Samsung IoT devices have used SmartThings, Samsung Connect, and ARTIK platforms, going forward the company will be uniting them into SmartThings Cloud. Samsung says that SmartThings Cloud will provide “a single, powerful cloud-based hub,” and that SmartThings Cloud will be a new open ecosystem, that will work with both Samsung devices and other third-party products.

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