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Facebook app to provide local news

Facebook app to provide local news 

The “Today In” is made up of feeds of local news, events and announcements. The social network giant is testing this new feature in six cities in the U.S: New Orleans, La.; Little Rock, Ark.; Billings, Mont.; Peoria, Ill.; Olympia, Wash.; and Binghamton, N.Y. Facebook users who are living in these cities are able to get news and updates from local news outlets according to recode.

Local publishers who would like to have their stories appearing in this section would need to be approved by Facebook’s News Partnerships team. The company is using machine-learning software to gather content for its new feature.

The “Today In” feature is designed as part of Facebook’s Journalism Project initiative to help eradicate the spread of fake news which was prevalent during the last U.S. presidential election.

For the past few months, Facebook has been focusing on local information, activities and events with its “Facebook Local” app, which shows users where to find restaurants and nearby events.

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