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Expanding the Hub of activity

Expanding the Hub of activity 

Microsoft has announced the release of the Surface Hub, a new device designed for use in corporate spheres. With its gargantuan screen sizes – 55 and 84 inches – this new offering takes the abilities of the traditional Surface tablets and literally expands them.

Best used as a wall-mounted device, the Windows 10-enabled Surface Hub was designed to promote and increase productivity and collaboration within the workplace. It features a touch and ink display which has the ability to detect up to 100 multi-touch points. It also runs key Microsoft programs such as Office, OneNote, Skype for Business, and Universal Windows applications.

“While there are a number of devices designed to improve our productivity as individuals, there has yet to be a device that is truly optimized for a group of people to use together, designed not just for what we need to do, but how we want to work. Until now,” Mike Angiulo, corporate vice president of Microsoft Devices said.

“Just as the PC revolutionized productivity for individuals, the Surface Hub will transform the way groups of people work together.”

Other key features of the device include three simultaneous pen outputs, 1080p front-facing HD cameras, and a four-element microphone arrangement designed exclusively for holding video conferences. These high-quality microphones help to filter out background noise by detecting and following voices. The Surface Hub is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 ready, and is equipped with multiple ports to facilitate content sharing and connectivity.

Slated for a July 1 release in 23 countries, Canadian consumers can purchase the Surface Hub through certified reseller channels. The fourth-generation Intel Core i5-equipped 55-inch model retails for $8,949, while the 84-inch version, which features an Intel i7 core and Nvidia graphics goes for $25,869.

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