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Exodus and Syndis partner for zero-day testing service

Exodus and Syndis partner for zero-day testing service 

Exodus provides LiveFire with fresh exploits they have found so that Syndis can replicate attack chains for testing on individual organizations.

The results of a LiveFire assessment give leaders better insight into how their organizations could be affected by zero-day attacks. It provides not only validation of existing security that purports to defend against zero-day attacks, but also a realistic dataset that allows them to develop security capabilities against a sophisticated attacker. It supports clients in their defense against attackers and provides them with an understanding of what potential attackers would have to do to circumvent the organization’s existing defenses.

“There are a lot of excellent pen-testers out there,” said Aaron Portnoy, CTO, Exodus,”but the number of pen-test companies that can also do advanced vulnerability research and code a weaponized exploit in the volumes we do is zero. LiveFire allows us to provide the operators at Syndis with the resources they need in a timely manner and in a fashion that does not add time overheads or excessive cost to engagements.”

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